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At Hills Road HPC we deliver inter-disciplinary programmes with our tennis, Sports Science and Athletic Development teams working closely together to maximise a players programme.

We offer training for county level players and above at all ages up to 18, but do not offer full-time education/tennis programmes.

Please click here to see how much you should be playing to be “on-track”

The break down of how the hours are spent is less prescriptive at these ages as it becomes more individualized but is to include all performance factors

Each players programme is individually tailored to take into account their needs both as a player, as a family unit and as a young person in education where out preference is to form partnerships with their school to allow them to have a balanced life in school, whilst maxmising their training time.

Squad Training

Squads are offered both during the day and after school depending on the player mixes available, they are run on a ratio of 4 players to 1 coach as a rule, though some sessions that are more open will have differing ratio’s.

The sessions are delivered in conjunction with a work programme relevant to the age group and level that you play and progress of players can be measured through this system. The majority of squad sessions are 2.5 hours long which includes 1.5 hours tennis coaching and 1 hours Athletic Development  in a group.

Planning is key to the HPC Programme and we have Annual Plans for different age groups to make the training as relevant as possible.

Individual Coaching

The cornerstone of player development is individual coaching.

Our highly experienced team has experience in developing players right through to top international standard and the choice of coach is very important. Once your coach has been agreed through a process of either trying them out or recommendation this coach is responsible for guiding and developing the player. The coaches duties involve Annual Planning and Goal Setting, agreeing tournament schedules, player development in all areas, watching the player compete and a whole host of other minor things involved in developing the player.

Individual coaching is generally only available from 7am – 4.30pm, as after this time there is high pressure on court time and players will generally be attending squad coaching and athletic development.

Please click here for an example of an Annual Plan and Goal Sheet1 for Minis and Goal Sheet2 for Normal Ball Players

Athletic Deveolpment

Athletic Development is a vital area to focus on for a tennis player – please see the Athletic Development page for full details of what we offer and the team delivering.

Sports Science Support

As this area evolves it is essential that we move forwards as out knowledge improves – the Athletic Development team use a range of specialists to help deliver Sports Science Support in the following areas:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports Psychology
  • Sports Massage
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Testing
  • Hydration Testing

For more details please take a look at the Sports Science Page, which is in the Athletic Development section


Sports Psychology Support

A quarterly two-hour ‘Focused Competitor’ meeting at the child’s home – alongside parent(s) – to support players to cope with the emotional challenges of the competition environment. The purpose of the meeting is to increase everyone’s understanding of what goes on in the child’s mind when participating in competition.

The process allows the accurate identification of issues faced and the development of useful strategies that the child and the parent can use to turn competitive opportunities into the most constructive learning environment possible. A report clearly identifying issues and agreed coping strategies is written for the child after each meeting.

11 & Under High Performance Consultancy

Focus Tennis offers high performance consultancy for promising 11 & U players and their coaches. It provides one visit every half term during individual coaching sessions followed up by a detailed, personalised reportThe range of inputs from physical trainers, competition visits, training camps and talent identification days can be co-ordinated into a single, more straightforward, simple narrative to support the lead coach in developing the most appropriate short-term goals for the player.

Elite Performance Training Camps

In 2015, we will be introducing invitational high-performance camps to bring together all of the most committed players aged 8-12 from the region. The camps will be based at Hills Road HPC during holiday times, and be run in conjunction with ATA staff. More information will be added here as the format and work programmes for the days are established.

Competition Support

Our team is committed to attending as many competitions as possible.

This allows us to see the players “at the coal face” where their performance can be charted and analysed to help maximise the rate of development for their games.

Parents are also encouraged to chart matches for coaches.

We are normally able to attend all top level mini tennis and tennis events over the year as well as a number of Grade 3 tournament to cover all levels of player we have training at the centre and  also support players in their international competition efforts and attend a number of Tennis Europe ands ITF events.

Please see the Competition Page for more information regarding competition.