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The LTA has set in place a Player Pathway which we encourage players and parents to understand in order to maximise your tennis experience.

Before setting the pathway out, please see below for the “definitions” used

Advantage Cambridge – High Performance Centre, Advantage Cambridge is one of 19 Strategically placed around the UK. They offer coaching  programmes to the top players across the area, using the philosophy of the best coaches with the best players in the best facilities. Advantage Cambridge remit is to develop players from the age of 4-15, along with the AASE Scheme from 16-18. Only in unusual circumstances are we able to easily cater for International Players 16+ due to the resources required for travelling.

IHPC – International High Performance Centre, 4 of the 19 HPC’s are IHPC’s that are aimed at developing players from 16 upwards and focus their resources on travelling with the players and high level programmes.

Performance Club – Feeder clubs to the HPC’s Satellites clubs are responsible to developing players up until the age of 10/11. They will have good coaches and facilities and focus mainly on mini tennis.

ClubMark Club – Accreditted clubs that have good mini tennis programmes – there are currently over 700 in the UK.

The player Pathway is currently set up as:

Club Mark Club – initial point of Talent ID for many players and their first taste of tennis at the age of 4-8 years old. Players from this club would be put forward to attend County Talent ID

moving to

Performance Club – Offers high quality Mini tennis and U10/11 programmes, players would most likely train at both their Satellite Club and their ClubMark club, with emphasis growing on the Satellite as they get older

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High Performance Centre (HPC) – Offering quality mini tennis programmes, these centres also offer high quality training for 10-14/15 years olds. Players would normally train more and more at the HPC as they got older, but would still compete and do some training at the Satellite club. Players from further afield may access the HPC for 1/2 days per week.

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International HPC – for the very best kids the next stage is training at an IHPC to get full support on your international travel programmes with like minded players


Advantage Cambridge is based in the LTA Tennis East Region containing Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Northants and Bedfordshire.

The nearest IHPC is at Gosling Sports Park in Hertfordshire

The Performance Clubs in Tennis East are:

Norfolk – Easton College and Esporta Norwich

Suffolk – David Lloyd Ipswich and Culford School

Cambridgeshire – David Lloyd Cambridge

Northants – Focussed Tennis with Justin Chacksfield at Corby

Bedfordshire – Riverside Club Bedford