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Our highly experienced team has experience in developing players right through to top international standard and the choice of coach to lead your programmes is very important. Once your coach has been agreed through a process of either trying them out or recommendation this coach is responsible for guiding and developing the player. The coaches duties involve Annual Planning and Goal Setting, agreeing tournament schedules, player development in all areas, watching the player compete and a whole host of other minor things involved in developing the player.

Individual coaching is generally only available from 7am – 4.30pm, as after this time there is high pressure on court time and players will generally be attending squad coaching and athletic development.

Coaching Team

James Yates – Master Performance Coach

Sue Rich – Master Performance Coach

Justin Chacksfield – Cambridge Performance Pathway Manager

Matt Taylor – Level 2

Chris Little – Senior Performance Coach

Judy Horn – Master Performance Coach


Kirk Bowyer – Head of S&C

Focused Competitor Service

Justin Chacksfield