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Creating Athletes provides the strength, conditioning and sport science support for Advantage Tennis Academies.

Creating Athletes works with a wide range of sports people from amateur to world class, junior to senior.  Their programs are individually tailored to improve performance and help reduce proneness to injury.  Their approach involves the following:

1) TEST and ASSESS – this is one of the most important procedures when improving athleticism and therefore performance/injury prevention.  The assessments involve the following:

– Performance Testing

Creating Athletes offer tennis specific group performance testing three times per year.  They use specialised equipment such as speed gates, jump mats and heart rate monitor’s to measure speed, agility, power, aerobic and anaerobic fitness specific to the sport.

– Injury Prevention/Functional Movement Screen – with video analysis

Without the correct injury prevention support, sport can have an effect on our bodies. The functional movement screen helps identify areas that need improving so these can be worked on in strength and conditioning sessions.

Athletes are assessed twice a year.  These assessments consist of one hour individual injury prevention/functional movement screenings.  The first screening is completed at the beginning of the training program and the second, six months later in order to monitor progress. The screenings assess functional movements such as squat, lunge, one leg squat, balance exercises etc in order to assess bodyweight strength, balance, alignment, asymmetry, flexibility and potential musculoskeletal injury risks.

– 30 min Sport Training Video Analysis

One of the strength and conditioning team will join a technical coaching session to observe and analyse physical capabilities on court.  This will be supported by video analysis.  A comprehensive report will follow detailing how performance and injury prevention can be improved in relation to individual weaknesses.  For example, if a tennis player needs to improve an aspect of their movement this will be evaluated in the report.  A physical program will then be written to improve these aspects, thus improving performance.

The assessment results are then used to plan a program and set goals…..

3)  Planning – From the screening and testing data, the S+C coach will then plan a training year which will include blocks of work.  They will also liaise with the athlete’s technical coach to form a set of physical goals both short and long term..  These goals will be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely).


4)  Strength and Conditioning Implementation – The strength and conditioning programs are then implemented, based on the coaches plans and objective testing data.

If you are interested in any of the services that Creating Athletes provide, please contact Kirk Bowyer, lead S+C coach on 07736670572 or to discuss this further.